Statistics about Memorial Day weekend DWI/DUIs

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Since 1868, Memorial Day has been the day we honor the soldiers, sailors, airmen-women, and marines who did not return home from war. Not to be confused with Veteran Day which celebrates all who served in the armed forces, thus alive or who have passed away.

But Memorial Day is also considered the unofficial first day of summer. For many people, it’s a time to celebrate and enjoy the long holiday weekend.

Here are a few driving stats that may surprise you.

More people die from driving than any other major form of transportation. 2/3 of accidents that happen during Memorial weekend are fatal.

So where do these unfortunate fatalities stem from: Impaired Driving – People tend to drink more alcohol during holiday weekends. Many more are arrest for DWI, DUI or Drugging and driving than other weekends. Those with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or higher represent over a quarter of total traffic fatalities in 2016. During the memorial weekend, this percentage increased to 36%.

Other reasons for fatal accidents: More People on the Road – Traffic is known to be directly related to more car accidents and sure to leave after the sun begins to rise.

Distractions: Driving while using your cell phone with texting, calling or being lost and trying to get directions with many apps.

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