Alcohol dehydrates the body quickly and can contribute to DWI/DUI Arrests

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Alcohol dehydrates the body quickly, and many people will develop heat stroke because they drank beer, mixed drinks and summer coolers but did not hydrate with water.

Many DWI/DUIs can happen because of Heat stroke. After a long night of drinking in a sweltering summer spot you body will have less of chance to replenish its fluids. This can make a person feel dizzy and could even make them faint. Imagine driving with heat stroke after a long night of partying with friends…A DWI/DUI is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Heat stroke is a type of illness that occurs because of excessive sun exposure. In plain words, heat stroke is when your body overheats. And Drinking Alcohol is an easy way to make your body shut down in sweltering heat.

As a result, your body can’t maintain normal temperature, because of increasing heat generation process with simultaneous heat elimination, which results in severe disturbance of its life functions.

Everything that influences sweat production and prevents its evaporation contributes to body overheating.

Moreover, causes of heat stroke may include also:
Drinking Alcohol to excess including beer, wine, mixed drinks and wine coolers;
Driving a car with no A/C;
High temperature and humidity;

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