Labor Day 2019 – Starting now: Law enforcement will be conducting additional patrols

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Beginning now –  Friday, August 16 2019, through September 4, 2019 (Labor Day weekend), law enforcement will be conducting additional patrols to reduce end of summer drunk driving for the end of Summer 2019. Police enforcement agencies will be concentrating on getting people not to drive and drive or be under the influence of illegal drugs, or they’ll be locked up for blowing a BAC too high, getting arraigned, going before a judge and possibly being convicted for a DWI/DUI/Drug Possession which carries hefty penalties like huge fines, loss of licenses, long community service hours which could lead to a loss of your job and a possibility of a jail term from 1 month to even 5 years.

These are facts people don’t know. The DA in Suffolk Country and Nassau County are following Governor Cuomo’s lead of fighting drinking and driving or a new term drugging and driving.

NOTE: There will be DUI/DWI checkpoints in Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island and of course the neighboring New York City Bureaus like Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx.  in various places this weekend.

Other jurisdictions in the Tri-Sate area such and New York City will be operating saturation patrols aimed at impaired drivers.

The Police say a DUI is not just alcohol-related driving, but driving while impaired by drugs, legal or illegal, and marijuana, (yes marijuana).

It doesn’t matter how you are impaired, it matters only that you are impaired.

This special end-of-summer enforcement effort run through and including Labor Day weekend which is one of the deadliest weekends for impaired driver crashes.

The Law Offices of Francis X Casale, Jr. PLLC urge people to be safe and make other arrangements if you drink alcohol like Uber or a designated driver, to avoid DUI while driving or getting pulled over at a DWI road block to check for Drunk driving or drug use or Drug possession.

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