Happy Labor Day Weekend! Family, friends, food – what’s not to like?…hmmm – a DWI arrest 

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Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope it is a fun and safe time for all! Family, friends, food – what’s not to like?
Well even though we all want to have a blast before the Summer of 2019 is over, here is the deal on Drunk Driving, Drugging and Driving and Drug Possession for cocaine, meth, heroine and even marijuana in NYS.

Governor Cuomo Announces State Police DWI Crackdown. There will be Sobriety checkpoints sanctioned by NYS and State Troopers will be working with the Nassau and Suffolk police to arrest as many as they can who have broken the laws. Suffolk County Executive Bellone stated “If you plan to drink during the upcoming holiday weekend… if you get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking, you will be caught and you will be held accountable.”
So if you get a DWI/DUI, what can happen? You will lose at least some if not all of your driver’s license privileges, possible jail-time, fines costing huge money, classes, counseling and embarrassment. These things will probably interfere with your job and family life. Well, know this now: NYS doesn’t care – your must pay the piper if arrested – end of story. You may be angry and saying “WHY me?” Well, get over that quickly, get your head together and get the best DWI lawyer ASAP to navigate the DWI maze.

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