It’s Drunksgiving (Thanksgiving Eve) – Watch out!

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2019 | Firm News

During Thanksgiving, it’s almost a requirement that copious amounts of alcohol are consumed around friends, family, and well, anyone else who happens to be in your direct vicinity. So, to extend some of that cheer to other parts of the week, Drunksgiving (Thanksgiving Eve) was created.

Although Holidays should be full of happy memories, not being ARRESTED for Drinking and Driving/Drugging. Nothing worse than calling a friend you haven’t seen since high school to bailed you out of jail. YIKES!

– COUNT your DRINKS as time gone by.
– Perhaps buy a BREATHALYZER at a drug store.
– DON’T Expect Others to be obedient to the law.
Here are examples of the BEHAVIOR of people who get pulled over during the holidays:
1. Drinking & Driving over the limit of the law
2. DRIVING & TEXTING/DRIVING with Cell phone
3. SWERVING over road lines
4. Driving at night with your LIGHTS OFF
6. Driving TOO FAST or TOO SLOW

Somethings to review before you go out on DrinksGiving:
– Check all lights and indicators, brakes & tires
– Check to see if you have enough gas for journey
– Try the Waze App, Google Maps or other digital direction programs, it makes life easier

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