Valentines a Drinking Holiday? Suprisingly, Yes

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | Firm News

  • Polls show Valentine’s Day ranks #3 for the highest holiday DUI/DWI arrests.

The trends for VDay are almost polar opposite in motive. Some go out on dates hoping for new love, while others are out with friends to drink their Xs away. VDay specials will often give a free bottle of wine with dinner. Other places have “Rip your X” (their pic, that is) for a free drink.

Polls also show that both types of VDay drinkers tend to drink and drug BEFORE they go out due to anxiety.

So, yes…police stations’ drunk tanks will take your last minute arrival without a res. They even give you a bracelet…with a thick lock, better known as handcuffs. Can you think of a worse ending to a date? Take it a step forward and imagine asking that special someone to help bail you out of jail or call your family they haven’t met yet.

The poll mentioned above says of 100,000 anonymous people found that Valentine’s Day ranks as the third most popular holiday for people to register legally drunk. The average blood alcohol content level on Valentine’s Day is 0.081, outranked only by New Year’s Eve & Super Bowl Sunday.

So plan. Someone should be a designated driver or take an Uber.

Although Valentine’s Day is about the heart, try using your head as well!

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