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March Madness Party Games and Criminal Arrests

When March Madness College Basketball season is here you can almost bet that fans will be “tipping up” at parties with cocktails, beer, vodka shots and some will have drugs like pot (marijuana), Meth, Oxy, Coke (cocaine) and mixtures of both. Not surprising, many March Madness fans were more likely to binge drink/drug at parties because they tend to think their peers consume more than they actually do and think that is the norm. Binge drink and/or drug cocktails are extremely dangerous because many do not know the contents and can cause overdosing. This consumption can lead to criminal arrests as well that might not have happened without peer pressure. Crime charges can include DUIs, sexual assault, vandalism, drug possession, disorderly conduct and other misdemeanors and felonies. Also, between March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day, police road blocks are increased. Poor field sobriety and high BAC results by a breathalyzer could “swoosh” you into handcuffs and dunk you in jail for a new type of March Madness. If you are not sure if your over the illegal limit get a ride, an Uber or other transportation.

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