Even on Valentine’s Day, No matter what day it is, no one loves a drunk driver

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No matter what day it is, no one loves a drunk driver

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Valentine’s Day a “drinking holiday”? Actually yes! Many people would never guess it; except for the police shown in the high DWI/DUI arrest stats each year.

How could this possibly happen? First date jitters? Couples getting a break away from the kids? Drinking away a failed relationship? The reasons could go on and on.

One breathalyzer company collected data from 100,000 anonymous users and found that Valentine’s Day ranks as the third most popular American holiday for people to register as legally drunk on breathalyzer tests. The average blood alcohol content level on Valentine’s Day is 0.081, outranked only by New Year’s Eve at 0.095 and Super Bowl Sunday at 0.087.

Now lets add all that to the unique Covid-19 Valentine’s Day of 2021. Here is what could go wrong. The restaurants have just reponed in NYS with limited capacity so those who actually go out will be excited. Top that with an all time high for Internet dating which many digital daters may be meeting up for the first time…in person! We also have the couples who have been cooped up in the house just waiting for that break to get out. And of course, those commiserating with friends over failed relationships, drinking their woes away. In any case, some may feel they are entitled to have that extra drink or two drink because they “deserve it” after enduring the Cov-19 quarantine for so long.

No matter what day it is, no one loves a drunk driver. Make this a Valentine’s Day to remember for all the right reasons.