What to Do If Criminal Charges are Pending Against You?

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Firm News

Unfortunately, many of you might find yourselves accused of a crime. The first issue that arises is what should you do at that initial moment when law enforcements either descends upon you, merely stops you or seeks to question you about alleged wrongdoing. The safe answer is not to try to explain yourself out of the problem and request to speak to an attorney. It’s a constitutional right. Excercise it!

If you find yourself in such a position call an attorney who is experienced in these matters. Anyt comment you make to law enforcement will almost always be transcribed by them in writing unless you are on tape. Don’t try to represent yourself! In the case of DWI/DUI this is especially important. You will be allowed a phone call. Use it! This also goes for any arrest.

Criminal penalties, no matter how seemingly innocuous, can substantially wreak havoc with your later life resulting in loss of employment, loss of freedom, probation, loss of driving privileges, incarceration and loss of reputation.

The same applies to any arrest. Whether it be drug related, assault, domestic violence, harassment etc. You will need legal counsel. It’s better to get it sooner rather later. Law enforcement activities are steadily increasing as we emerge from the pandemic. There is a lot of undercover activity as well as dedicated DWI patrols etc. Be careful and use common sense!