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A Criminal Charge is No Laughing Matter

I have been an attorney for 41 years. Throughout the years, I have witnessed numerous changes in the prosecution of various crimes and changing penalties for those crimes. A DWI/DUI can have disastrous consequences on your life. These include, but are not limited to, loss of driving privileges, incarceration, a criminal record, community service, mandatory counseling, alcohol interlock devices, probation, loss of employment, loss of future employment opportunity etc.

Similarly, a drug charge stemming from marijuanna, cocaine, meth, heroin, fentanyl etc. can wreak havoc upon your life, aside from the fact that many of these drugs can kill you.  The courts are being inundated with drug cases.

Police activity has steadily been ramping up since the COVID restrictions have diminished. There will be check points, increased patrols and more surveillance. Be careful!  Do not drink and drive!

We are also witnessing a flood of fetanyl laced drugs locally. Quite often other drugs are lethally laced! If you have or suspect you might have a dependency problem get help! The penalties for selling these drugs are severe. The penalties for possession of these drugs are also severe.

If you are detained and/or arrested you have the absolute right to consult an attorney!  A skilled attorney can help you at the outset. If you have been told that consulting an attorney can only make things worse when you have been arrested you’ve been misadvised.

There are many issues involved during an initial stop and search and the caselaw is constantly changing. If you can potentially be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony or even a violation you are better off consulting with an attorney immediately. You have a right to remain silent. No negative inference can be made against you if you excercise a constitutional right. No matter is too small.

If you have a problem please get help. Aside from the severe criminal consequences, many of these drugs are adulterated. Fetanyl is flooding the market. You can die!

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