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The past 14 months have taken a toll on all of us. I hope that all are healthy. As society emerges from lockdown, we are faced with a myriad of new issues. It must be cautioned that while the lockdown and the resulting slowdown have affected the court system the system is coming back quickly. Many criminal cases, especially DWI’s and DUI’s were previously scheduled for arraignment far in the future. If you missed your arraignment or ignored any court appearances remedy it now! There are warrants issued due to non appearance.

The weather is warming up and the restrictions are lessening. Anticipate more police activity (patrols, checkpoints etc.) commensurate with this increased activity. Act responsibly! Obviously don’t drink and drive.  Don’t assume that you can sober up and then drive because that won’t necessarily be reflected in your blood alcohol content (BAC). Women should should be extra careful because they can register much higher blood alcohol readings than a male due to differences in body chemistry and body weight. Do not hesitate to call a cab or UBER. Plan ahead if you are going out or to a party.

If you find yourself in any type of legal and/or criminal trouble do not ignore it. Do not minimize your situation. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony consult an attorney immediately. You will need representation. Inaction has consequences. Do not confuse the new bail laws as a new policy against incarceration. Jail sentences at the conclusion of a criminal case are just as stringent as they were before the pandemic. This applies to all criminal matters. Good Luck and act responsibly.

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