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The Criminal Justice system is still operating!  COVID has wreaked havoc with court scheduling, but you should still be aware that any delays occasioned by COVID restrictions do not minimize the potential penalties attendant with criminal charges. Whether you are charged withe a DWI, DUI or for that matter any criminal misdemeanor or felony the consequences remain the same and can effectively destroy your life!

You should contact an attorney immediately before you attempt to help yourself. Every arrest is uniquely different. You have the immediate right to contact an attorney. Use It! A family member or a friend can be well meaning but is not specifically trained or has the experience to advise you. Additionally, in most instances they are too emotionally involved.

You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. Use that right! Once a lawyer notifies the authorities that he hgas been contacted all attempts to question you will terminate.  A properly trained and experienced attorney can help.

In the case of DUI or DWI you will be given the opportunity to consult an attorney before submitting to breath testing. Use that opportunity! It is not a defense to merely refuse because you want to contact an attorney. You must contact an attorney during a proscribed time period.   Make sure you identify where you are calling from and the telephone number.

My firm is available 24/7. Call (631) 293-3332. If you are arrested and in custody tell my staff and/or service. Do not hang up! We will be patched through to that call. If you’ve contacted a relative make sure they have a telephone number where you can be reached and that they know where you are being held.  Time is of the essence.

Good Luck and act responsibly.

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