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Valentines Day is the 3rd highest DWI/DUI holiday

Valentine’s day is often a time to do something special with a loved one, but these days people go out with friends for a Un-Valentine’s day party which is a new trend for many bars and restaurants to celebrate customers single status.

What many don’t know is Valentines Day is clocked the 3rd most popular holiday in which people drink and drive with a breathalyze number above the legal alcohol limit of .08 beating out Fourth of July and Halloween. In short, people tend to drink weather they are happy or sad; thus celebrating the thrill of a new or wonderful relationship or being depressed if one just ended and/or are just feeling lonely.

So, as people all around the world gear up to arrange something special for their loved ones they may decide to buy a bottle of wine, or better still, a bottle of champagne! They may even have a glass or two before the night starts to shake of the nerves of taking their long term crush

Make Valentine’s Day a day to remember for the right reasons, not because you got arrested and put in jail for drunk driving and a DWI arrest.

out for a date. But it is crucial that we observe safe drinking still.

Many organizations around the world have formulated targeted DWI/DUI road safety messages for Valentine’s day. Yes it is indeed a day of red roses, card giving, chocolates and dinners but for many, it can also be a tragic loss of life when couples don’t observe basic road safety and take a chance with drunk driving.

It goes without saying that showing your love and appreciation for your loved one should not be limited to Valentine’s Day, this also applies for road safety.  So make Valentines Day a day to remember for the right reasons, not because you got arrested and went to jail.

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